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Wesley Gunnels graduated from La Plata High School in May of 2008 with a dream of working as a custodian at his Alma Mater. Throughout his years at La Plata High School, he worked alongside the custodial staff, learning a lot about the custodial field along the way.

Wesley suffered a brain injury when he was a child as a result of a hunting accident. Since then, he has had to undergo many years of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other forms of rehabilitation.

As a high school student, Wesley was referred to Learning Opportunities/Quality Works, Inc. through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation for the high school Transitions Program. During the program, Wesley had the opportunity to sample several types of work through community-based work assessments. However, he remained focused on his goal of becoming the school custodian. Upon graduation, and with the help of LOQW, Inc. employment staff, Wesley obtained his dream job! He is now working permanently as a part-time custodian at La Plata High School.


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