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Customer Survey

Learning Opportunities/Quality Works, Inc. is committed to providing services, which are meaningful and satisfactory to our customers.  Anything we learn through these surveys will be very helpful in providing the best quality of services possible.  We value honest answers to help us learn to better serve our customers.  Your answers will be confidential.  If you have specific comments please share them. 

If you would like to share your comments with us, please fill out the survey.

  Your cooperation is appreciated


Are We Meeting Your Needs?

1.) Does the LOQW staff work well with you?

2.) Does the LOQW staff listen to what you have to say and how you feel about issues?

3.) Do you feel the training you receive from LOQW staff is helping you?

4.) Do you feel LOQW staff allows you to make your own choices?

5.) Do you feel LOQW staff allows you to have input into your training plan?

6.) Do you feel LOQW staff treats you well?

How would you rate LOQW’s overall service to you?:




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