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The following list of services and descriptions are based on funding agency language. It is included to assist you in knowing what to ask for when speaking with these agencies. Learning Opportunities/Quality Works, Inc. staff will help you implement these services based on the agency value statement and your individual goals and interests.







Learning Opportunities/Quality Works, Inc. services fall into the basic categories:

1.) Employment support Services ----

2.) Community Support Service --- ---

3.)Document Destruction (Shred Shed)




Frequent Asked Questions

Fees for Services

LOQW receives funding from agencies such as the Division of Vocation Rehabilitation,the Department of Mental Health, County Boards, and the United Way. These agencies may pay the full cost of services dependent upon eligibility.  A current fee schedule can be provided upon request.

-The Process

You were probably referred to us by one of the following agencies:

  • The Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation Services for the Blind
  • Your local Department of Mental Health Regional Office
  • The local Senate Bill 40 Board

Services provided are tailored to individual needs, interests and abilities.  Changes to service delivery can be made with approval of the referral agency.

Directory Of Services


Other Important Information

The Referal Process


Success Stories


Recent Employers

Outcome Measurement


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