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Grandview Burial Park

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grandviewIn 2008, Learning Opportunities/Quality Works, Inc. Hannibal Office made an exciting new addition to its list of dedicated employers. When Employment Training Specialists, John McGuire and Chan Williams, read the help wanted ad in the Hannibal Courier-Post for a full-time groundskeeper at Grandview Burial Park, they jumped at the opportunity for their consumers in job development. John knew that he had a couple of guys on his caseload who would be perfect for this job. Immediately, John was on the phone with Larry Failor, the supervisor of the grounds keeping crew at Grandview. Though Mr. Failor was interested in hiring a full-time employee to fill this position, John suggested the option of splitting the position between two part-time employees instead. After some negotiating, John’s request was granted and two consumers, Frank Grosvenor and Fred Marti, were given a chance to interview for the position. Both Frank and Fred were hired on the spot. They quickly learned their job duties and were exceeding the expectations of their new employer. Both men continue to work for Grandview and they, as well as their supervisors, have been very pleased with the job match.
A few months after their hire, John McGuire received a phone call from Mr. Failor. Grandview was looking for additional groundskeepers. With the success the employer had experienced with Frank and Fred, and the quality of employee that LOQW, Inc. could provide, they informed John that they were determined to hire from the agency again. Since that phone call, 3 additional LOQW, Inc. consumers have been hired at Grandview, including Roderick Moore who is excited to be employed and continues to excel as a groundskeeper today.           


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