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Employment Services

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Career Planning:
is discovery process and validation of an individual’s skills, interests and support needs. As a result of these employment planning services job seekers will be better able to identify their conditions, preferences and contributions as they relate to work.

is a program to support students and ease their transition from school to work. Transition planning and services helps students with disabilities ages
14-21 prepare for living, learning, and working in their adult lives while still in school. Students can typically become eligible for this service during their junior year of high school.

Job Development and Recruitment:
is designed to assist the job seekers in securing employment.
Job Development is consumer-driven and focuses on matching the consumer’s interests and abilities with community employer’s needs for personnel.

Job Site Training
is a service provided to an individual and their employer at their request. The goal of this service is to assist and train the individuals in becoming acclimated to their job, co-workers, social climate and place of employment to become a valued member of the team.

Job Supports / Follow Along Services
If job site training is not requested or when no longer necessary your Employment Consultant will continue to keep in touch with you and your employer and will be available to help resolve any problems that may occur. Your Employment Consultant will contact you at least once or twice per month and you may contact him/her whenever you have questions or need assistance.

Employment Service Coordination
LOQW staff recognizes that there may be barriers to employment.  Service Coordination may be provided to help link you up with other organizations that provide services that would be helpful to you; and to provide assistance in resolving employment-related issues or concerns that affect you being able to pursue your goals.


Employment Hand Books
Click on the following links to view Employment Handbooks.
Particpant Handbook - ES
Particpant Handbook - SE

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