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Confidentiality /Disclosure


Confidentiality Statement

LOQW staff are dedicated to ensuring confidentiality to our customers. "Nothing about you-without you." Signed releases are mandatory for all information that is released. LOQW staff have been trained in the HIPPA regulations and understand the importance of your confidentiality as well as the sanctions that can occur. LOQW recognizes the need to be accountable to the public. LOQW staff will provide the public with information upon request. Please direct any inquiries for information to the Executive Director.


Notice of Privacy Practices Statement

Notice of Privacy Practices explaining your rights with regards to your personal health information (HIPAA) has been revised.

Copy of Privacy Practices


What are your rights?

You are entitled to the following rights without limitation:

  • To be treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect
  • To have the same legal rights & responsibilities as anyone unless otherwise limited by law
  • To have the right to due process review when any limitation to rights is proposed or alleged to have taken place
  • To receive services regardless of gender, race, creed, marital status, national origin, disability, or age
  • To be free from physical, verbal, mental, and sexual abuse and neglect
  • To receive appropriate and high quality services and supports as determined by you and your support team
  • To receive services and supports in the most integrated setting appropriate for your particular needs
  • To have all communication (both verbal and written) regarding your participation in services to be confidentially maintained in accordance with HIPAA.
  • To practice your chosen faith.
  • To be referred to your provider of choice for prompt medical treatment when ill or injured while involved in activities with LOQW.
  • To communicate and associate with persons of your choice.
  • To have access to LOQW rules, policies and procedures pertaining to services and supports you are receiving
  • To have full access to any personal records or reports developed by LOQW regarding your participation in services
  • To have your personal records maintained confidentially.
  • To have services, supports and personal records explained so that they are easily understood.
  • To have a safe work environment which follows and meets requirements set by the Occupational Safety and Hazard Association (OSHA).
  • To request a change in staff who are assigned to work with you.


What are Your Responsibilities?

You are responsible for the following during your participation with us:

    • Be on time for all appointments
    • Notify your Consultant or Support Coach as soon as possible if needing to cancel or reschedule an appointment
    • Arrange transportation to and from work/training
    • After hire, be on time for work
    • Follow all safety rules and requirements of the work sites that you visit or where you are employed
    • Seat belt use is required whenever you are being transported by LOQW staff
    • Be as independent as possible
    • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas when on your break and only if you are 18 or older.
    • Use of illegal drugs or alcohol is prohibited while with LOQW staff.  You may be asked to take a drug test by an employer.
    • Smoking is allowed only in designated areas when on your break and only if you are 18 or older.
    • Give proper notice that you are quitting a job or training program (typically two (2) weeks) in advance of your last day.


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